Kennedy Center of The Performing Arts Debut

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017


Every year Miami Fine Arts Academy proudly hosts a special recital at a legendary concert stage.  These recitals are open to all of the Academy's active students, and provide unforgettable memories for many families.  This year's recital at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. was a big success.  We are very proud of all the students who worked hard to deliver beautiful performances, along with the family members who came to support them.

If you are a current student, or if you are thinking of taking lessons at the Academy, we want you to know that you too can be part of next year's special recital.  This is not an event that is reserved for some elite group of advanced students, rather, it is open to all.  One of the most wonderful aspects of these recitals is the variety of musical instruments, age groups, and levels that are represented.

We hope you enjoy the photos below from the 2017 Kennedy Center Debut Recital, (videos will be posted soon) and hope to see YOU on a world-class stage in 2018.

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