Miami Fine Arts Academy is always looking for the most qualified teachers and staff to deliver the best possible educational experience to our students.  We are continually adding new, exciting programs, and seek to grow our musical family.

We currently have immediate openings for the following positions:

  • Administrative Assistant

We also continuously accept resumes for qualified candidates for the following positions:

  • Piano Teacher
  • Voice Teacher
  • Guitar Teacher
  • Violin Teacher
  • Percussion Teacher
  • Kidsrock! Band Class
  • Dance Teacher - Ballet
  • Dance Teacher - Jazz
  • Dance Teacher - Hip-Hop

Qualifications for Teaching Positions:

  • Teachers must have the ability to read music.
  • Previous experience in teaching is required.
  • A degree in a related field is preferred, but qualified teachers without a college degree will also be considered.
  • A proven knowledge of the subject being taught is essential.  After the interview, successful candidates will be asked to teach a mock class to showcase their teaching skills and interaction with the student.
  • Additional requirements vary to each specific type of teaching position.

All teachers are independent contractors, working part time.  Competence is important, but so is joy and attitude.  We strongly believe that our teachers are our best assets.

Qualifications for Administrative Staff:

  • Extremely organized, detail oriented, punctual, and dependable
  • Experience in sales is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills with clear & articulate voice
  • Fluent in both, English and Spanish
  • Well educated (or continuing your education) with at least 2-3 years of college
  • Skilled in working with MS Office applications, and use of Mac
  • Hardworking, interested in personal and professional growth
  • Not afraid of challenges, self-motivated
  • Fast learner of new systems and procedures

How to Apply:

  • e-mail your resume to:
  • We encourage including a cover letter